Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Moab, Utah πŸ“·⛰

Day 1: It was a fabulous trip to Moab, Utah with 2 amazing ladies!! So thankful for the opportunity to spend a week with my mother in law and sister in law in one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!

Our flight took off at 8:45AM!! Coffee in hand and ready to board!!

We made it!!! Time for the fun to begin!!!

Day 2: My absolute favorite day of the week. We took a hiking tour during the day and Jeep tour at night! Check it out!! 

Day 3: In the morning I woke up and hit the trails solo and had quite the adventure on my own exploring hidden valley trail! I labeled this run one of the most dare devil things I had EVER done alone!!

Thankful to return to the hotel in one piece, I showered up for our camping/rafting trip!!

Day 4: We woke up to a bright sunny morning at camp and enjoyed some coffee and melon on the beach☀️

Bathroom!! 🚽 

Fun day ahead on the Colorado River before heading back to our hotel for our final night.

When we got back to our hotel we all enjoyed a nice shower to clean up! We had a wonderful meal at our now favorite spot, Pasta Jay’s! Before heading to bed we did a little more hiking in Arches National Park to see the sunset πŸŒ… gorgeous few days.

Day 5: We woke up and loaded up for home. Such a wonderful vacation w these ladies I love so much!!

I would love to bring Kyle and the guys here someday!! They would have loved thisπŸ’š

2018 summer trip of a lifetime!!